Breathe in Spring, Exhale Winter!

As we head into April this week, it is hard to believe that Spring is here with the snow on the ground. But just because our bodies aren't in "Spring" doesn't mean we can't bring our minds there. The quickest way to feel the exhilaration of Spring within, is to take a deep inhale. Let's do it. Aaaah! Feeling Better already? Keep reading for tips on how to bring more breath to your Nia, and Nia to your breath!

Breath and Sound Can Bring On Spring -- Inside!

There is nothing like that glorious moment when you realize winter really is gone. The sun is out, there's a soft breeze, flowers are budding from the ground and the air is a delicious blend of cool, warm and spaciousness! 

On a physical level, when you breathe deeply and make sound, you stimulate a special energy within you, commonly referred to as your "life source" or "chi". Sound is the manifestation of breath, and therefore, sound stimulates this energy inside you and nourishes every cell in your body. Using sound as a healing tool alters our emotions, can shift our realities, and will grounds us. Sound provides spinal support and emotional release, and initiates a personal spiritual awakening. It provokes authentic movement, stimulates the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. 

Breathe in Spring, The Nia Way:

1. First simply notice your breathing.

Is your breath deep, steady and rhythmic? What kinda of breath makes you feel strong, calm, energized or secure? What kind of breath makes you nervous, uneasy, insecure, stressed? What kinda of breath makes you feel focus, alert or productive? By paying attention to your breath, we can be more proactive as to how we want to feel at this very moment, regardless of the weather outside. 

2. Practicing breath with Nia's nine movement forms.

Nia's nine movement forms from Dance, Martial and Healing Arts not only bring us a variety of ways to move and condition our bodies, but they bring a wide array of beneficial breath and sound work for our body, mind and spirits!

Practice the following sounds and Movement forms:

• “u” (“you”): Tai Chi, slow dance.

• “Yes” or “No” : Tae Kwon Do, dance of precision

• “o” (“oh”): Aikido, harmonious spherical motion

• “a” (“ay”): Jazz, expression

• “e” (“ee”): Modern dance, shapes in space

• “i” (“eye”): Duncan Dance, playful, free, uninhibted movement

• “Up” : The Alexander Technique, movement from the head

• “Out”: yoga, conscious alignment of bones and joints

• “Sense” The work of Moshe Feldenkrais®, awareness of breath

Want to learn more about Nia's nine Movement forms? Take the Spring Nia White Belt we start April 27 and would LOVE to have you there! Learn More here.

Rk Russell